Cresco Labs

Owners and leaders building the most trusted and fastest growing cannabis company in the world. From careful cultivation to consistent distribution, Cresco Labs provides a portfolio of brands thoughtfully made for every consumer.

Gold Leaf

More cultivator information coming soon...

Green Thumb Industries (GTI)

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) is an Illinois-based partnership of accomplished professionals, business people, world-class entrepreneurs and philanthropists driven by the dual commitment to the patients and communities it serves.

Ingrown Farms

More cultivator information coming soon...

Nature's Grace and Wellness

More cultivator information coming soon...


PharmaCannis is a premier medical cannabis provider in Illinois.


More cultivator information coming soon...

Revolution Enterprises

Revolution Enterprises is changing the way people think about high-quality cannabis.

Shelby County Community Service

More cultivator information coming soon...

Justice Grown

Justice Grown is dedicated to researching cultivating and distributing high-quality cannabis to patients in need of healthier alternatives to personal wellness.

Bedford Grow

We grow exclusively from seeds to develop more empowering strains. Equally unique is our innovation; our list of 60 exclusive strains continues to grow. The superior health and safety of our plants stems from proprietary nutrients, not harmful pesticides. From white walls to white coats, perfection and professionalism are woven throughout our state-of-the-art facility. Beford Grow goes beyond baseline testing.


The principals at Ataraxia consist of individuals dedicated to the science of medical cannabis.

Kiva Confections

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